I do some projects in my spare time. Some games for game jams, some games i just want to make, and some are not even games. Just me trying to practice making diffrent mechanics / features.


If you've played tony hawks pro skater, or skate 3, you are going to love this game. Battle the best trains in sweden, in some of the most famous places in sweden, up to 4 player coop. Do tricks, maybe accidently destroy the city. Get as many points as possible to win.

First project in unreal, really fun to learn blueprint. But really difficult getting the 4 player coop working.

Made in unreal, took 48 hours to make.


The name of the game sort of sounds like orcs must die, and thats my reference game!

Play as either palpatine (from star wars) or a shark. The game jam is hosted by a few youtubers i watch, and in my game you have to defend them from incoming bees! Either kill the bees with your weapon, or give gifts to snowmen that will help you in the fighting.

Made in unity, took 24 hours to make (48 hour game jam, i missed the first day)


I had this idea for a rogue like game, where when you leveled up diffrent skills, your characters icon would get a new symbol! For example, if you were like a warrior, the symbol would be sharp, with swords coming out of it or something like that.

I ended up making this symbol generator / creator in unity. I havent used it for the rogue like game yet. In the gif on screen, you see an animated symbol, it just takes a few values from the editor and interpolates them to diffrent thresholds.

I have ended up using this tool to make loading screens for my game jams.